About me

Hi, I’m Vikki your therapist at Karenza Therapies and space holder at The Blandford Healing Hub and Cosy Cuddles & Cacao workshops! I’m just your regular rock chick hippy who loves a massage, a beach day and all year round sea swim as much as full on heavy rock gigs and  van adventures.

As a broke single parent I was doing everything i could to make ends meet and was really unhappy doing it, working physically demanding jobs and wearing a million different hats. I was exhausted and my body felt broken!  I was very generously gifted 3 massages and i couldn’t believe the difference it made to my body and my sanity.  I started to wonder if it was something i could train in and after my mum suddenly died in 2013 i thought life is to short to question these things so i dived head first into training to be a massage therapist. By 2015 I had gained qualifications in A&P, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Reiki 1&2……the hardest part was putting myself out there as a therapist.  Much to my surprise i started getting rebookings and recommendations, I was actually really good at this AND i was loving my new job!  I now feel that i’m doing the work i’m here to do, helping women feel good in their bodies, helping them to sleep better, feel more confident, happier, supporting them in their journey to release held tensions and to find their uniqueness again.


Please contact us on 07810 001676 for more information or to book your therapy.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase for all of my therapies.

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