About me


As a busy single mum I know how important it is to make time for yourself, to take a break from the every day stresses we all face and to find space to totally relax.

At Karenza Therapies I strive to give the highest level of service to my clients while offering excellent value and choice of treatments.

I have had a keen interest in holistic therapies for a number of years after suffering from a ‘bad back’ from a background of working with horses (and falling off of them!) and also facing the everyday stresses of whatever life has thrown my way!. I found that a regular massage, making time for myself to fully relax and looking after my body and mind in my spiritual practice, made a huge difference to my health for the better. I resolved to learn and qualify in massage and holistic therapies so I could help other people feel as good as I do. I currently offer reiki, holistic massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, holistic facials and a sanctuary for the stressed in Blandford, Dorset.

Please contact us on 07810 001676 for more information or to book your therapy.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase for all of my therapies.

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